Brenda Oberle

Lead Vocal, Piano

Rick Gasparin
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Gary Morris

Jerry Werner
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

            Max Slazinik
     Bari, Tenor, Alto Saxophones

         Dwain McAfee
         Trumpet, Vocals

            Buzz Ullrich
  Trombone, Trumpet, Vocals


          Steve McCann
   Congas, Percussion, Vocals

Since 2005, based in South Central Illinois/St. Louis metro East,

Big Shake Daddies
have provided high-energy music for hundreds of events.  From street festivals, fairs, receptions, parties, beer tents, grandstand entertainment, corporate events, car shows, and clubs.

Wide variety includes Soul, Rock, Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock-n-Roll, and other music you remember!

The band features the talented Brenda Oberle as vocalist, backed up by a wall of horns, and a veteran rhythm section .  Professional, affordable, and memorable!!

If you want more band, with more variety for your event, just check our song list.  Or better yet, ask our fans or those who have booked us before.

Big Shake Daddies are:

Brenda Oberle
  lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, percussion

Gary Morris

Rick Gasparin
lead guitar, lead & backing vocals

Jerry Werner
bass guitar, backing vocals

Steve McCann
      congas, percussion, lead & backing vocals
Dwain McAfee
      trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals

Max Slazinik
baritone saxophone, alto saxaphone, Tenor arrangements

Buzz Ullrich
       trombone, trumpet, lead & backing vocals


  Members of Big Shake Daddies also perform with numerous area   
   bands -, ensembles -  orchestras, - jazz bands,- community bands
   Alton Symphony Orchestra                         
    Heritage Community Band                                      
    The Fundamentals                                                      
    Vigor Mortis Band                                                   
    Scrap Iron & Gold   
    Deutschmeister Brass Band                                      
    Blackburn College Band
    SIUE Music Events                                     
    AFM Local #88                                            


         Former Members and frequent guests of Big Shake Daddies:

                                                        Todd Anderson, co-founder, guitar, keys, trombone
                                                        Don Sellers, tenor sax
                                                        Ben, Coan, bass guitar
                                                        Rob Buchanan, drums
                                                        Terry Mosser, keyboards
                                                        Mike Dean, trombone
                                                        Bob Hagler, bass guitar                                                       
                                                        Melissa Andrews, vocals
                                                        Linda Wilson, vocals
                                                        Kris Pineda, piano & trombone
                                                        Troy Morris, bass guitar    
                                                        Mark Dawson, bass guitar
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